Match Comp: Lichtsteiner vs Cagliari

And in a change of direction here at JUVERSATION, I have decided to go for a different approach and make this site primarily for Juventus match compilation. After every game, in the days following I will make a compilation featuring one of the best performers from the previous weekend, featuring (more or less) every touch and every involvement from said player in the match to highlight their performance and contribution…

First up and we have Stephan Lichtsteiner’s performance against Cagliari. Of course on sunday the score finished 1-1 and it was a disappointing result all-round. However I was impressed with the performances of both our full backs in Licht and De Ceglie and though I’d choose to highlight one of them this week. Lichsteiner had an assist to his name, so it seemed right I go with him.

His first half was a particularly impressive display with his marauding, tenacious runs up and down the flank, forcing the opposition backwards towards their own goal and was a key component of our attacking pressure, but also the way we built up from the back. The 2nd half however wasn’t quite as impressive as the first, but he did make a few decent contributions.

Check out the video of his performance below:


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  1. Loved it, Matt. Hope you continue with these match comps.

    Islam x

  2. Lucia

    Great Viedo!!!!

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