Friday Thoughts: Vol. 7


Juve’s new front three? If you listened all of the nonsense you read in the press you would be led to believe so…

Mercato rumours into overdrive already… Really?! The season hasn’t even ended yet and all we’re hearing is an abundance of extravagant players being linked with a move to Juventus. Aguero, Benzema, Tevez, Higuain, Pirlo, Zarate, Bastos, Hazard, Diarra, Gago, Garay, my old man and even the local postman are all supposedly on their way here and whilst it does get me excited (no, not like that…) to hear about all this quality being linked with us, after taking a step back from the excitement I realise that realistically we’re unlikely to sign any of the real top elite players we are rumoured to be interested in and all it does is it just gets your hopes up (mine included) and if you take any of it too literal, it just builds you up in order to knock you right down. So it’s best to take a very lackadaisical approach when hearing these rumours, despite how hope filling they can be.


One player who does seem like he could be on his way here is Andrea Pirlo, who has seemingly been on his way here for a long while now, but for reports of a rather contradictory nature to suggest otherwise. One week he was coming, the next week he wasn’t, but this week it does finally seem like he could be on his way to Turin and I honestly welcome his potential arrival (should it happen… of course until it is officially officially (I got you, Aaron!) we could still be usurped) with very, very wide open arms. Pirlo is a once in a generation player and quite frankly, the best regista I have seen in the last decade and probably since I can remember. His range of passing is second to none, just as at ease spraying a raking 30 yard ball to the flanks as he is playing a slide rule pass through the heart of a defence and also, in addition to this, he is an absolute maestro at being able to control and dictate a game. Now I don’t want to get into a Pirlo vs Aquilani debate here, BUT, if there is one criticism which could be made of Alberto, it’s that he really doesn’t often enough grab a game by the scruff of it’s neck and really dictate things. Andrea does that and should he be able to keep himself fit, we honestly will have made an absolute bargain of a signing. Mark my words.

Antonio Conte: Juventus’ Saviour?

On the coach front, this week the major frontrunner seems to be the Juventus legend, Antonio Conte, who is currently learning his trade and doing an exceptional job too at Serie B side Siena, having steered them to promotion to Serie A for the next season. Now whether or not he is ready for a step up to a Juventus who are in an absolute dire need for immediate results, I’m not too sure and that certainly remains to be seen should Conte end up in the hotseat. He is however, a very promising young coach and one who could certainly go on to become a great coach if given time and patience to grow. On one hand, I see the benefits of the move, on another I see the negatives and how it seems like bringing in a Juventus legend is the board’s way to appease the very frustrated Juventini and allow them to paper over some of the cracks.

Now if I’m being wholy honest, I would say that just as much, if not more of the fault for this season would have to fall at the feet of Marotta, who whilst bringing in some quality players, has completely failed to address the absolute key positions where we were lacking, i.e. the left wing and the full back areas. When you’re leaving a coach with options as poor and unsuitable as Marco Motta and Jorge Martinez, then you know full well that it isn’t going to be an easy task. Therefore this summer, whether it be with a new coach in charge as it seems at present, or even with Delneri at the helm for another season (very unlikely), it’s absolutely imperative that NO mistakes are made and I can’t make that any more clear. This summer EVERYTHING has to be done well and correctly, no more iffy signings, no signings for the future… We need signings who can come into the side and make a substantial difference IMMEDIATELY.

…Oh and we also have a match against Napoli too…

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