The Swiss Ramble: Has The Old Lady Been Rejuvenated?

For any Juventino who hasn’t read it yet, then i REALLY strongly recommend reading Swiss Ramble’s article on the rebuilding of our beloved club. In terms of assessing and analyzing the club’s financial state, this is about as good as it’s going to get!

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  1. “Other favourites over the years have included the Divine Ponytail himself and also a certain ‘Zizou’.”
    How much is realistic?

    • Matt

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but anyways..

      Obviously, when Baggio played for Juve, I was very, very young (0-4 years old), so obviously I didn’t see much of him play live on TV during his time at Juventus. Most of what I’ve seen of him is on video tapes of old Juve games and what not and from also when he played for Brescia towards the back end of his career, but I can safely say that he is one of my favourite players. Zidane, I saw quite a lot of him, from about 1997 or 1998 roughly, until he left in 2001. I like Zidane a lot, but I wouldn’t really rank him as one of my favourite players. From around that time period, from the Juve midfield, I preferred the pitbull-like tenacity of Edgar Davids, but obviously, Zidane was a genius and it was an honour to see a player of his quality in Bianconeri.

      Hope this answers your question.

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